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Family hot night

Adriana Fuller , Penélope , Tay
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Sep 24, 2021


Adriana and her little girl has a secret relationship, today they decided to stay at home watching a good movie and enjoying each other. They are really excited for that night, they are kissing and when the things are going hotter, someone knocks the door.. Is Tay, her house has no electricity so she ask to stay with them. Adriana can not refuse, Tay is her other little girl. The movie starts and all girls are on the couch, but Penelope can not pay attention on the movie, she only thinks on Adriana, she is talking on Adriana's ear... "let me suck your tits" Adriana is excited but she is affraid about Tay that doesn't know about that secret relationship... it's not correct and Adriana knows that. But Penelpe insist and start to masturbating her pussy, Adriana can not hold more the pleasure and start kissing Penelope... when tay finally understand what is happening, was really excited. Tay was there just seeing Adriana and Penelope kissing each other, that really turned Tay on. Adriana invited Tay to enjoy and of course she accepts. Now the 3 girls are kissing and fighting to kiss Adriana. After much kiss and lesbianism, Adriana goes to her bedroom to get a big dick and fuck her little girls hard. Adriana start fucking the girls' pussy until they cum on her dick.

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Feb 20, 2022

Incredible! I'd like to see a version with: Alana, Manuela and Carol Castro


Nov 09, 2021

You need a strap on category. Trust it will pay off


Oct 31, 2021

would love to see more of Adrianna using a strapon


Sep 26, 2021

Adriana and penelope more more more


Sep 11, 2021

Big fan of Adriana but the camera angles were just terrible. Zoom in on the kissing


Sep 03, 2021

Sorry Kiss In Brazil. I'm not a fan of 3 way sex and definitely not a fan of Adriana Fuller. Dany 34 likes it. But I have this movie a thumbs down.


Aug 30, 2021

Adriana Fuller and Tay toghether.....fantastic!!!

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