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Thinking about you

Aliça Roche , Bibi
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Mar 22, 2019


Aliça is just checking the news on her phone, when Bibi comes downstairs and sit on the couch with her. Thought-provoking and trying to flirt, Bibi starts chatting with Aliça, but she just can’t hold her wish for too long: she goes directly to the point and reveals to Aliça that she has been thinking of her a lot. The chemistry is almost immediate, they go deep into a kiss where they tongues fight on each other’s mouth. In a hard kiss, their lips rub and they share a lot of saliva, making it run through one another’s face. It’s amazing to watch them sucking their tongues hard, using all of their excitement to make the other one hornier. What a delicious kiss!

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