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Creative kisses ## Kiss Gang ##

Grazy , Rebecca Santos , Bianca Santos , Isa Blue , Babi Ventura , Jack
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&M
Date Nov 18, 2018


Today our big squad has a gay man to play as a kissing toy. The slave is tied up on a chair and the five ladies are in the mood for some creative kissing. Some girls starting kissing and biting his cheek. They make sure to use their tongues to kiss him very deeply. We can see that he’s hating every second of these kisses, what make the ladies even more excited to keep on the kissing session. Then, they spit on him, making his face covered with saliva. When you think they had enough, they get even more creative and put the hands on his face and their pussy to make him lost air. Who would want to be this guy just for a day?

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Dec 19, 2021

like more Woman and Man Vids !


Dec 19, 2020

I agree that this should be LESBIANS ONLY site. For those who want to see men kissing women bullshit there are plenty of free tubsites like Pornhub to watch that trash.


May 14, 2019

I love it


Jan 01, 2019

Awesome vid!


Dec 06, 2018

@9595, who the fuck you think you are? Its fucking called kissinbrazil and not lesbiankiss in brazil. Kissing between male and female is rare everywhere (even though so high in demand lately) and not only on this site. You are one of those devil incarnates trying to enforce lesbian kiss so much that you demean malefemale kiss. We want more malefemale kiss on this site as there so many lesbian kisses already.


Nov 06, 2018

Filme terrível... Esse cara esta em um harém de mulheres gostosas e não quer saber de nada!.. Putsssss! Vergonha pra nós Brasileiros (Nada contra gay e lésbicas ) mas então da próxima vez usam alguém mais disposto pra isso.


Nov 06, 2018

Terrible movie. KISS IN BRAZIL is a LESBIAN website. We DO NOT want to see any men or Transexuals on this site. I told you before don't include men in your moves or else I will cancel my long term account. LESBIANS only.

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