Family secrets

Adriana Fuller , Manuela
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Jul 30, 2021


Adriana is cleaning the kitchen while Manuela is studing, but her mind is not in the books but in her mom, she can not forget the day she was sad and her mom helped her with much love, after that day Manuela wants her mom more and more. Adriana knows it's not correct, but her girl is on twenties, she is sexy and with perfecr curves. Manuela start to seduce her mom, Adriana resists but she knows is not for much time, she tries to explain to her girl that is not correct but Manuela promisse to her mom nobody will knows. So both start kissing and have sex on the kitchen.

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Jul 30, 2021

Adriana Fuller in video kisses is among the best when she does not exaggerate with aggression. I hope to see her kiss with Tay here soon.


Jul 15, 2021

funny that people think that because they pay a monthly fee they are the absolute owners of the product. There isn't just one you here, if you don't like it just don't watch it, there are hundreds of videos here at your disposal... it's called Kiss In Brazil and not soft and cute kisses in Brazil. It's about independent kissing as it is, if you don't just like negative votes and make your complaint, but don't give an ultimatum so they don't post more videos like that, THERE'S WHO LIKES!


Jul 12, 2021

Hey Kiss In Brazil What Happened? I thought we had an agreement on only making Sensual, Passionate Lesbian kissing (ONLY) movies. This move is definitely not that. It's vulgar, aggressive, rough, torturous, and not what Kiss In Brazil is known for. This move is basically Lesbian Porn. I subscribed to Kiss In Brazil for years to see ONLY hot lesbian kissing, not full blown porn. I understand Darthdeveaux96 and 11836 feel it's a good movie. I strongly disagree. I any one want to see full blown lesbian porn they should subscribe to PornHub, Spankbang, KNXX, and many other lesbian porn sites out there. Kiss In Brazil is supposed to be special and unique because they it specializes in passionate lesbian kissing ONLY, not full aggressive lesbian porn. Adriana Fuller is always too rough, too aggressive, always angry and always shoves her big fat ugly tongue down a smaller woman's throat in a threatening manner and I will not support that. I'm compelled to disagree with this move and give it a big THUMBS DOWN. Kiss In Brazil is supposed to produce Passionate, Sensual Lesbian Kissing ONLY, Thank You.


Jul 11, 2021

I love Adriana Fuller in Kiss F & F videos she is the best. She produces the best kissing ever! More of Adriana please!


Jul 10, 2021

OMG! I really want to see this

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