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I've never been with a girl before

Adriana Fuller , Sabrina Green
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Apr 15, 2022


Sabrina Green knocks on her mum's best friend's door to ask for help for her final exams. Adriana Fuller answers and greets Sabrina. Sabrina asks Adriana for help and the single MILF agrees and invites Sabrina inside. Adriana leads Sabrina to her master bedroom and both girls sit down on the bed with Sabrina's exam papers. During the revision, Adriana asks Sabrina if she has a boyfriend to help her and Sabrina shakes her head. She is too busy for boys. Adriana then asks Sabrina about girls and she is embarrassed and says "No, I've never been with a girl before." Adriana takes a chance and says "I've always wanted to kiss you Sabrina. I want to be your first woman." Sabrina is shocked and stays very quiet. Adriana gets closer to Sabrina's face and says "Can I kiss you?" I'll go slow." Sabrina doesn't speak but slowly nods, confirming to Adriana that she would like to try it. Adriana slowly comes towards Sabrina's lips and gives her a big kiss. Soft, slow kisses begins. Then Adriana opens her mouth and swirls her big, wet tongue down Sabrina's throat. Sabrina begins to enjoy it as MILF and Teen start kissing like lovers.

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