let me wet

Nicole , Tay
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Aug 06, 2021


Nicole and Tay are talking about girls and sex, crazy things they have done. After some dirty talk, they start to talk about each other and Nicole reveals her fantasy with Tay, she has attraction by Tay, she is sexy, powerful, attractive and with attitude. Tay is excited to kiss Nicole and decided to act, going to Nicole's laps and kissing her mouth deeply and fast. We can see a perfect combination here in this movie, their mouths are fitted perfectly for a super deep and sensual kisses.

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Aug 13, 2021

I would love to see a video of slow deep kissing with Nicole and Carol Castro.Tay is fabulous perfomer as well!Thanks


Aug 12, 2021

Tay and Nicole, perfect combination


Aug 06, 2021

I don't entirely agree with Adriana Fuller. If you go to the kissing scenes with Tay, Adriana Fuller with her is not that dominant. I renew my invitation to see Adriana Fuller and Tay in a kiss here.


Jul 22, 2021

Looks so hot. Can’t wait to see the video. The girls are perfectly matching and looking


Jul 14, 2021

Hello Kiss In Brazil. Now this movie is far better the the previous movie " Family Secrets " starring Adriana Fuller & Manuela. I love Manuela, she's extremely beautiful and an excellent lesbian kisser. Adriana Fuller I have absolutely no respect or tolerance for because she's always angry, too rough with the other women, obese, and always shoves her big fat nasty tongue down the other women's throats. Adriana Fuller has absolutely no conception or skills regarding soft, sensual, passionate lesbian kissing and she shouldn't be allowed on Kiss In Brazil.

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