The redhead and the brunette

Carol Castro , Adila VĂȘnus
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Apr 03, 2020


Carol and Adila are without their blouses, with their breasts sticking out, sitting with their legs intertwined and enjoying the romantic moment, letting their mouths rub. We can see their lips smashed by the intense kiss, hear their moans of satisfaction and watch their eyes closed, while their tongues invade each other's mouths and explore every possible corner. The harmony and lust between these two is enormous, and they practically swallow themselves during the kiss, not leaving their mouths for almost 30 minutes in a row, and stopping just to breathe. A wet, cracked and horny kiss between two very hot women. Wow!

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Aug 14, 2020

carol Castro I think one best kissers on the planet!she is awesome.great video.


Jul 03, 2020

Very good, Adila managed to bring out some passion in Carol, 4/5 stars


Jun 28, 2020

Excellent movie with two beautiful women, please bring another movie of them together . Thank you


Apr 03, 2020

neeeds part two bueno amazing

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