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Kisses and licks

Manuela , Poliana
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Aug 28, 2020


Manuela and Poliana are making out a lot. Wearing black lingerie and with their bodies glued together, these two make their tongues curl, outside and inside their mouths, and share so much saliva that they decide to play with it. The girls leave the kiss very drooling, with white goo running down their faces, in addition to Manuela spitting on Poliana's breasts to suck on them. They are so excited with their mouths together that they end up fitting their pussies and rubbing themselves, in addition to licking each other's bodies to feel the delicious taste even more. This kiss is hot and exploratory, as they make the most of this moment and the atmosphere is steamy!

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