Romantic lift&carry

Manuela , Melissa Lisboa
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Dec 10, 2019


Melissa and Manu are in the mood for romance today! They are wearing only the tops of their bikinis while kissing intensely. Wrapped by the moment, Melissa ends up lifting Manu in her lap, and carrying her around the room while their tongues intertwine. The redhead also decides to carry the brunette, and they seem to love the situation, so much so that they take turns and change positions several times: on their side, on their laps, and even upside down. The room becomes a romance zone, where they walk carrying each other and moaning each time their lips rub. Their bodies are delicious, and they make an incredible effort to make this moment even more attractive. Strong girls!

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Dec 11, 2020

please grazy or angel lima Sitting on the face Manuela and eating the pussy and rubbing the pussy on the face Manuela to cry and manuela Beg to breathe , but grazy or angel lima slaps manuela , Because manuela is very cute, beautiful and sexy So manuela has to scream and slap to cry


Aug 25, 2020

Hope for more scenes of Manuela Manuela I love all works especially farting


Dec 05, 2019

Make more videos starring Manuela, please!


Dec 04, 2019

Excellent movie, beautiful women, keep making them like this, No Men, No slavery torture, no messy food while kissing, no spitting, No deep kissing silence for long periods, just great lesbian passionate kissing with sounds of lips releasing, really great movie, keep making them, that's what Kiss In Brazil should be about.

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